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Our Fees.

At Doctor Law, two of our primary goals are transparency and predictability.


One of the hardest parts of engaging a lawyer is never knowing what your bill will be or how to budget your money month to month. You can spend thousands of dollars just on emails back and forth with nothing accomplished. And most people don't have the ability to pay a large retainer, meaning you end up having to choose between getting the help you need or paying your other bills.


We never want cost to be a barrier to competent representation. 

We created our fee structure with all this in mind. We post it here so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into and so that you can ask any questions before deciding if we are the right fit for you and your family.



For every month during which we are retained, you will be charged $300 plus gst which would cover all steps taken on your file during that month including all communication, demand letters, emails, phone calls, etc. as well as any appearance in docket court which is our scheduling court.


If we don't do anything on your file during a month you won’t be charged for that month.

***You must make a minimum payment of at least $300/month to continue your retainer of us on your file.

In addition, if during a month we take other steps, you will be charged as follows:

If there is a Judicial Dispute Resolution or Early Intervention Case Conference (these are mediations with judges) or if we prepare a consent order you will be charged an additional $500 plus gst during that month.

If we attend a formal settlement meeting, a morning chambers court appearance where we have to prepare an affidavit, a mediation, or if we draft a settlement agreement for you, you will be charged an additional $1800 plus gst.

If we attend a special chambers application ( a 1/2 day trial), you will be charged an additional $2800 plus gst.

If we attend a binding judicial dispute resolution a hearing in Provincial Court or a 1 day trial, you will be charged an additional $3500 plus gst.

If we attend a trial of 2-4 days you will be charged an additional $4500 plus gst.

If we attend a trial of 5-10 days you will be charged an additional $8500 plus gst.

If we draft, file and serve a Notice to Disclose Application you will be charged $600 plus gst.

If we draft and file a Statement of Claim for Divorce (and Division of Matrimonial Property, or other variation) on your file you will be charged $200 plus gst. This includes drafting, filing and service. If your matter remains uncontested and we proceed with drafting and filing your divorce package you will be charged an additional $400 plus gst.

All of those costs include all of our work to prepare for those things, including writing your affidavits and applications, meeting with you, all communication - basically it covers any work we do or communication we have.


The only additional costs would be if the court charges filing fees for documents. These fees do not include any filing fees or other services not explicitly listed above.

Additional services may be added to the scope of your retainer at the agreement of both the client and Doctor Law. Any additional services must be confirmed in writing.

The agreed upon flat fees are not held in trust and are non-refundable. 

***While you will be charged additionally as set out above, you may continue with your minimum $300/month payments until the full amounts are paid off.

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