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Owner. Founder. Lawyer. Mom. Stepmom. 

 Lawyer. Father. Innovator. 

Legal Assistant. Mom. Stepmom. Domestic Engineer.

I am not a big fan of websites that tout the educational and professional qualifications of their people. But I do think it's important that people have the opportunity to know a little about who I am and why I started Doctor Law. 

In 2012, I began what would be a years long legal process alongside my future husband. In the course of navigating the complex and expensive family law system, we went through bankruptcy, took on huge private loans, struggled through stressful court proceedings, dealt with difficult opposing counsel, and  lived with the incredible fear that comes with not knowing. 

A little over a year into the process, I realized I wanted to make sure others didn't have to go through this process alone - and really, I wanted to change the process completely. Too often I saw lawyers making things worse, costing clients more, and pushing them further and further away from finding real resolutions that would allow them to heal and move forward. So, with the support of my incredible family, I went to law school with 3 kids in tow, intent on doing things differently. 

I have been a high conflict communications coach, a mom, a stepmom, a partner of someone going through a divorce and custody dispute, and now, a lawyer.


I started Doctor Law so I could take all of this, and feed it into a practice that actually understands what it is to be in our client's shoes, and does things in a way that gives them knowledge and clarity. I want our clients to know they are heard, to understand their rights and responsibilities, and to be able to trust that the people they are working with are going to put the client's needs ahead of the lawyer's billable hours.

At Doctor Law, Your Family Matters. And that's where it begins and ends for me. 


I joined Doctor Law because I believe that the traditional delivery of legal services is not always suited to deal with the unique needs and sensitivities of family law clients. 


The legal system is difficult to navigate, expensive, and therefore inaccessible to most people. At the same time, family law clients are burdened with highly personal, often emotional matters that can be quite nuanced. These distinctive intricacies and the immense need for affordable legal counsel are exactly why I practice family law. 


The primary goal for any family lawyer should be resolution for their client. After working in this area, I know how easily this objective can be lost. At Doctor Law, you can have affordable legal counsel that understands your concerns, provides transparency, and that helps you move forward during this difficult time in your life. 


During law school, I led the Calgary division of Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) where over 100 University of Calgary law student volunteers continue to provide legal support to thousands of Albertans each year. PBSC’s commitment to increasing access to justice for all Canadians helped shape the lawyer I am today.


Prior to becoming a lawyer, my business background allowed me to develop my communication skills while working in marketing, tech, and human resources. I have always been very passionate about debate and oral argument. This was the driving factor in my decision to pursue a career in law. However, I also know that court is not always productive for family law matters. Conflict between parties can escalate unnecessarily, and I believe it is important to first examine all alternative options and discuss these with my clients directly. 


Together, we will determine the most effective strategy to achieve the resolution you need in your life.


I met Brynn in 2018 when my fiancé was seeking legal representation. Immediately I knew I had met someone who was going to change the face of family law; however, at the time I didn’t realize just how much that chance encounter would change my life.


I started working as a legal assistant in 2014 and was immediately drawn to family law – I wanted to help people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. The hard part was witnessing the traditional system being well, broken. Many bias still exist in the court system today, which leads to unfair outcomes.

Lawyers breaking everything down to 6 minutes increments, with high per hour rates, then sending clients large bills for what seemed like minimal work. Often, little to no tangible results for clients. Morally, this didn’t sit right with me and because of this I often questioned whether or not I was in the right line of work.


While supporting my fiancé through his legal battle, I gained a different perspective of family law and the stress, anxiety and uncertainty that comes along with it. I began working with Doctor Law in 2019 because Brynn’s vision, and her approach to family law, resonated with me – I feel privileged to be involved and use my personal perspective and experiences in a positive manner to do exactly what I initially set out to do – help people.